Is Stamped Concrete Right For Me?

Stamped concrete, often called textured or imprinted concrete, mimics the look of stone but is made from, you guessed it… concrete! There are a wide variety of patterns and color choices that make it a popular option for patios, pool decks, driveways, and more. Stamped concrete is also an affordable paving option that requires less maintenance than many other materials.

Is Stamped Concrete Right For Me?

Are you considering using stamped concrete in your next project? We’re breaking down some of the pros and cons, options, and other details you should know before making your decision. 


  • It is a more affordable option than natural stone, brick, or pavers
  • Enhances outdoor spaces and adds to your home value
  • It offers nearly limitless pattern and color choices
  • It is slip-resistant when treated with a non-skid additive
  • It is durable and long-lasting
  • It is easy to maintain when sealed


  • It is not very DIY friendly
  • It can develop minor cracks
  • It needs periodic cleaning and resealing
  • It can be damaged by freeze/thaw cycles and deicing salts
  • Repairs can be difficult

Additional Design Options

Stamped concrete is a great choice for many, because it’s so customizable with many patterns and color options available. Choose from beautiful designs that mimic nature, match preexisting hardscapes, or design something completely new and different. 


Natural stone patterns are the usual choice for stamped concrete users, but the patterns are virtually endless. You can create a design the looks similar to slate, flagstone, or fieldstone. Wood and plant designs are also a popular choice. These patterns get pressed into the concrete and create beautiful designs. 


Patterns aren’t the only option you get to choose from when it comes to stamped concrete. Many color options are also available. While grey is a popular choice, rest, green, and blues are also often used. You can also choose different finishes that can make the stone look antiqued, multicolored, or worn-in. 

Does stamped concrete look fake?

This is a common questions we get, and the answer is simple: no if you don’t want it to. Stamped concrete looks very realistic because most stamping mats are molded from the actual materials they are designed to replicate such as stone or wood. 

Color options are also mixed from dry-shake colors which mimic the real deal and natural looks. In many cases, stamped concrete actually looks better than the real thing and lasts much better. It doesn’t get wet or stain, moss and grass don’t grow between joints, and maintenance is extremely easy to keep up with. 

Interested in stamped concrete for your next project?

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