3 step Concrete Driveway Construction

Concrete Experts is the most trusted concrete contractor for driveway replacements in Will County has built a powerhouse concrete company that has innovated stamped and decorative concrete in Illinois. He has introduced and created many new concrete design techniques for patios and driveways over the years. As a result, more homeowners are converting from brick pavers and conventional decking. Concrete Experts is a leader in installations and outstanding quality concrete construction in Illinois and has built a reputation for exceptional customer satisfaction. You can view past projects in our photo gallery or contact us today for an in-home consultation. Concrete Experts pulls all necessary permits from the offices of cities.

Installation Process

How to Pour Concrete Driveways – Concrete Experts Concrete Driveway Installation Process


Tear out the existing driveway and prepare the area to pour concrete.

Our crews will arrive on the first day of the job with all the necessary equipment to tear out and remove the old driveway. Next, forms are set in place to define the area in which the concrete is installed. We ask that homeowners be present on the first day of the job to approve the forms, so we can ensure that you get precisely the design you want. We then lay down 3/4” gravel and carefully compact it to ensure an even footing. After that, wiremesh are laid throughout the entire project. This will add additional structural integrity to the finished product.


Pour the concrete, finish it smooth, and broom finish if preferred.

Once the forms are all set, we’re ready to pour! Concrete trucks arrive, and the base color you choose will be added into the cement mix and thoroughly incorporated. Then the pouring begins. After pouring the concrete, our skilled installers will use a screed to smooth the surface of the concrete carefully. Concrete Experts skilled craftsmen are highly trained and will make sure your driveway has a beautiful, smooth, even finish.


Allow the concrete to harden overnight then return to remove the forms and saw cut expansion joints or *Tool Joint*.

At this stage, we leave the concrete too harden overnight. Then, we use specialized diamond-cut saw-blades to cut expansion joints into the driveway. Wide fluctuations in temperature, common to the midwest, cause the concrete to expand and contract, which can result in cracked concrete. By cutting expansion joints, you give the concrete flexibility to move and prevent any damage. That’s it. You are now the proud owner of a brand new, beautiful concrete driveway, ready to serve all your parking needs!

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