How do you maintain your decorative stamped concrete?

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Keep it clean and beautiful! Decorative stamped concrete should be cleaned periodically just like anything else you might keep outdoors such as your car, lawn furniture, etc. If and when your stamped concrete collects and dust, dirt or other debris, simply wash it off with your garden hose. It’s that simple!

What about using a power washer (pressure washer)? Although they are not needed for your periodic cleaning, it typically makes the cleaning job go a bit faster. But be careful! Power washers can be dangerous and can cause damage to people or concrete if they are used improperly. If you are going to use a power washer just be sure to hold the nozzle about a foot (12”) or more away from the concrete. If you get it too close, you could cause damage to any concrete, stamped concrete included!

How do you maintain your stamped concrete?Your periodic cleaning is that simple. No need for soap, detergent, or any other chemicals, just water out of your hose should get you a good clean surface. Now you’re ready for your weekend BBQ party!

A clean decorative stamped concrete.